Pocket Paragons coming to The Last Gameboard in 2024

Pocket Paragons has teamed up with The Last Gameboard! The Last Gameboard is a social gaming console that bring you tons of tabletop game experiences to your play group digitally. You can buy and own games individually or you can subscribe and have access to all games on the platform! It has a ton of stunning UI features that really elevate playing digital tabletop games and ensures they continue to be social experiences. Pocket Paragons will be one of the titles you can play on this console in the coming months!

1.) Connect your phone to The Last Game Board to hold your cards.
Use your phone to select your abilities. Flick them towards the board. Once both players are ready, cards are revealed.

2.) Battle is automated.
When cards are revealed, they will ask players to make any choices they may have in secret then auto resolve the battle from there. 

3.) Energy, HP, and discard is managed for you.
On the gameboard, HP  and Energy will be clearly displayed. You can also take a look as see your opponent’s exhausted cards. 

4.) Try all kinds of Pocket Paragons content on the subscription model
There is alot of Pocket Paragons content. Try it out with Last Game Boards Subscription model!

Pocket Paragons will be developed in the coming months for Gameboard. When development begins, we will be sharing progress and videos of the game in action!