Pocket Paragons Fan Creations

We love seeing custom content for Pocket Paragons. Here are some from our Discord channel!
Note: These are fan creations and not official Pocket Paragons cards.

Minecraft Customs

These Minecraft customs were made by Twilight Storm. He made them to play against his son.

Hollow Knight Customs

Created by parchmentEngineer. 

Bachelor Party Customs!?!

Created by Śmiałek
I’ll brag a little, as I did a custom reskin of Pocket Paragons for my bachelor party, with my friends as characters. Some of them are just reflavored OG fighters, and some of them have new mechanics (like having 2 Ultimates or flipping resources to add bonuses to cards) It was a blast designing it and playing, everybody was super into it and even trading decks to fight themselves. I need to thank for such a great inspiration for a personalised present!