Announcing Project Space Lion

Our next game is coming up! Currently tentatively titled Project: Space Lion. This is a tentative title. Space Lion is a competitive board game about winning a battle of attrition between 4 warring armies. It’s designed to capture the feel of a huge battle and being a commanding officer having to make difficult battlefield decisions.  If you like that old-school Starcraft feel but want it in a tactical card game, this is it!

We are at war!
Defend your base at all costs and carefully assign your units into battle. You can’t possibly win all the battles so be strategic and clever! For 2-4 players playing in 60 minutes!

Big BIG Battles!
Feel like the commanding officer of a HUGE battle. Choose which battles to resolve in which order but weigh in how it may affect other battles.

A Hero for a difficult time
Choose between 4 different asymmetrical armies each with their own massively different playstyle. Then, choose between 7 heroes per army which warp your strategy even further!

Later, I’ll go into detail about the mechanic of this game. Follow the project by joining our Space Lion mailing list! – Chris Solis

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