Pocket Paragons Blog: Pepper the Dog [April Fools 2021]

 Hello Gamers, 
We are excited to announce a bonus Pocket Paragons character we are sending to every house in America! Pepper the Dog.  Pepper is the dog of Pocket Paragon’s design, Brian McKay. Pepper is also the current Pocket Paragons world champion as a result, she got to become a character herself in the game! Let’s take a look at her character’s kit!

Pepper has an ability where her abilities can’t be countered! It’s because good dogs get rewarded by dealing with damage in this house. 

Pepper’s Weapon card is her true driving force. As long as it’s snack time, Pepper is always READY.  Pepper’s Ear’s also prevent all damage! Opponents can’t help but to stop attacking when she pops her ears and tilts her head! Pepper’s Rest is also good at keeping her from getting KO’d. When Pepper naps it’s nap time for everyone. This is one of her IRL AoE’s.

Toy Destroy is based around one of Pepper’s grandest acts of dominace. Toys in this house don’t survive long. Much like your precious HP.  Diet Dr. Pepper is Pepper’s favorite beverage. She’s doesn’t actually drink it but she really like the colors of the can. Zoom Zoom is based around one of Pepper’s IRL movement options. Sometimes when we are making lunch, Pepper from great distances will know. She’ll Speedrun to the kitchen and Tokyo drift around corners to get there in record time. We have a looping hallway. Pepper sometimes makes laps in PURE excitement of being feed. The effect of Zoom Zoom gives you an auto-win if you pull it off! Now you to can be as excited as Pepper is.

We are excited for you to try out Pepper the Dog in Pocket Paragons! If you want to try Pocket Paragons out right now, visit https://www.pocketparagons.com/welcome and get a free print and play! Perfect for quick tabletop gaming with your COVID circle!

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