Temporal Odyssey 2: What’s New?

A few years ago I published Temporal Odyssey with Level 99 Games. Now with Solis Game Studio, we are reinventing Temporal Odyssey with streamlined gameplay, more content, and a campaign mode! Here is a quick look at just some of the features in Temporal Odyssey 2.

AP and Stat Changes
The amount of actions you have per turn has changed. Here are the AP and Stat changes to the game:

  • The amount of AP you have per turn has been reduced from 4 to 3.
  • All cards in the game have been recosted accordingly.
    • 1 AP is the standard cost for a card and an attack.
    • 2 AP cost cards generally give you an immediate value. Play with that card on the board to get more than 2 AP worth of value out of it!
    • 3 AP cost cards are now game-wrapping pillars of power. Carefully consider if that pillar is worth your entire turn (or not!).

With these changes, players’ turns are quicker and the game is a little longer. It also addressed an issue with ‘orphaned AP” turns where your 4th AP was ultimately ineffective. We think you will have more opportunities to set up cool and powerful combos in more of your games!

Drafting Rule Changes
In the original Temporal Odyssey, at the end of your turn, you would choose a Time Period deck and look at the top 3 cards. You would then choose one to keep, put one back face-up on that deck, and banish the other (discard).

In Redux we changed this quite a bit. The top card of every time period is always face-up. 

Time Sift
Choose a card from the top of any time period deck and add it to your hand OR banish that card, and take the card beneath it (without revealing it to your opponent). 

We found that the reactive play of drafting at the start of your turn was needed. Taking the top card of a time period deck is going to the standard play most gamers will choose dramatically speeding up the game as well. Of course, there will be times you don’t like your options and need to dig for a solution. That is still an action you can take! 

Campaign Mode
Choose a starting Traveler and play specific chapter setups against your opponent. In between games, you will make decisions that will affect all future games. This is not quite a legacy game mode, however. You will not be destroying and marking cards but you will be making choices on what resources you have across the campaign. Duel against your opponent to discover who gets to rewrite time itself! This is the best way to experience Temporal Odyssey. As you play chapters of the game, you will open more and more cards to add to your time period decks. After a card is banished for any reason in-game, that card is gone FOREVER. No two campaigns of Temporal will ever be identical.  You will have over 600+ cards to discover and shift through during the game! Absolutely massive.

After the campaign is complete, you will be able to sort all the contents of the game nicely to play the standard Quick Play mode and a new Class Draft Mode. We will be talking about specific mechanics from this game mode in future blogs. Want to learn more about the Temporal Odyssey story? Read about Chapter 1 here!

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading! -Chris Solis

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