Pocket Paragons Design Blog: Gamound & GMD-100

In today’s Pocket Paragons design blog, we dive into Gamound and his stalwart GMD-100 mech which represents the Guard faction from the AEGIS universe. The Guard mechs in AEGIS are designed to wear out the opponent, and Gamound brings that style to Pocket Paragons!


Character Strengths:

  • Reusable Defend takes away the opponent’s options
  • Extra defensive options on non-Defend abilities.
  • Unblockable damage keeps pressuring the enemy

Character Weaknesses:

  • Despite wanting to play a long game, no healing is available, so damage that gets through stays put
  • Playing Defend more often gives opponent more safe chances to Rest
  • Weak before Ultimate passive is up and running

“The Best Offense Is A Good Defense.”

Self-Defense Shell is a fairly standard Defend. Most Defend abilities heal 1 damage when they successfully block damage, but a number of the more aggressive characters deal 1 unblockable damage on their Defend instead of healing up.

Gamound is not one of the more aggressive characters. For him, Self-Defense Shell is an inevitable win condition. He’s built around the power of his passive, where he upgrades his GMD-100 mech to the might GET-SSM. Being able to shut down the enemy’s damage while chipping away at them is Gamound’s key path to victory.

Getting that passive up and running is important to Gamound, and early Rests might be worth the risk to get your Defend replenishment going. The extra readies from it will help you stretch out your future Rests.

“Remain Prepared, Cover All Options.”

The rest of Gamound’s kit helps cover his bunker-down plan. Although his damage numbers are low, he’s continuing to prevent damage even when not playing his Defend. Swaggering Head Ram hits the opponent while blocking 2 damage, shrugging off all but the hardest hits (and still coming out ahead even if the opponent hits you for 3). The GSSM Burst Rockets counterattack for 3 if you get hit for 3 or more, keeping you even in those hard-hitting situations. The 70mm Sky Thresher is his weak link, but it does help wear away their options. There are a lot of healing abilities in other characters’ Intelligence slots, so this is a prime upgrade target when building a team for tournament mode.

GET SOME victories with Gamound’s near-invincible GET-SSM mech, and get some more powerful options with the other mechs found in the AEGIS Combining Robots box of Pocket Paragons. Unlock their powerful mech upgrades and crush your opponents!

– Brian McKay

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