Space Lion: System Design Choices

Armies in Space Lion are dramatically different but they are bound by a few key rules that make the framework of the game easy to understand

Players always have cards numbered 0-6 and never more or fewer cards
This makes it easy for players to understand the card advantage they may have over another player. It also makes it easy to look at the opponent’s exhaust pile and see what numbers they are missing from the upcoming battle. Plan against them accordingly!

Every army has the ability to prevent a battle
By preventing a battle you can punish your opponent if they over-commit to a single lane. This threat exists in all armies. Of course, if your card that prevents battle is exhausted, your opponent might intentionally over-extend to punish you! Every army also has the ability to Clash a lane ( force a tie) but this is a very costly thing that is different for each army as well. 

Every army has the ability to exhaust units
Exhausting a unit is a great way to slow down your opponent and force them to switch up their strategy. Every army has its own way to force a unit to exhaust. An army is only 7 cards so exhausting even 2 cards is extremely powerful. Thinking about the next battle changes each round because of how and when cards are exhausted.

Every Army has the ability to deal Double Damage
This ability is usually behind a very specific set of conditions. In most cases, it will be very easy to observe and prevent. Try to land your army-specific double damage attack when they have a lot of exhausted cards.


Thank you for reading! — Chris  Solis 

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