Paragon Spotlight: Rogue Sun

Welcome to the designer blog for Rogue Sun! Be warned that this article has spoilers for the Rogue Sun comics, which I highly recommend you read, if you haven’t already! Dylan Siegel inherited the powers of the Rogue Sun from his father, who lives on inside the suit and tries to steer Dylan down the hero’s path. But Dylan doesn’t like being told what to do, and Rogue Sun won’t play by anyone else’s rules!

Rogue Sun can become harder and harder to stop as he gains energy. Once he has enough to flip his Passive, all his abilities become uncounterable for the rest of the game! Once you get to the endgame, you’re unstoppable, but you still pack a punch in the meantime.

Rogue Sun’s abilities all have a small benefit that persists even if you get countered. It’s nice to get a bonus, even if things aren’t going your way, and things rarely go Dylan’s way. And hey, if it makes your enemy less likely to want to counter you, all the better! — Brian McKay.