Announcing several Pocket Paragons Duel Sets: The Hands on Deck Bundle

Announcing several Pocket Paragons Duel Sets: Hands on Deck Bundle

About this Duel Set:
This bundle contains 3 Duel sets featuring 2 characters each for a total of 6 new characters. There are two Pirate factions: Burgundy Octopus crew and The Blue Allure crew. Each  faction has a Captain, First Mate, and Sea Creature! Which side will you plunder for? 

Burgundy Octopus Crew
Mari, the Sea’s Charm 

Cut down your enemies and then force them to walk the plank to their watery graves!

CaLee, the Swashbuckler
Show off your talents to do massive damage, and make sure to drink that rum if things don’t go your way.

Noodles, the Brine
Your mighty tentacles can rip your enemies apart, but what you choose to use them on is a tricky balance!

Blue Allure Crew
Malakos, the Mad Captain

Wear down your opponent’s abilities, shipwreck them, and then execute them when they have nothing left!

Elles Tehra, the Enticer
Parley with your opponent and limit their options so you can finish them off when they’re cornered!

Obninsk, the Deepsea Lure
Use your lure to force your opponent to show you their next move, then hit them with tremendous punishes!

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