Announcing A New Pocket Paragons Duel Set: A Robot Named Fight!

A new Duel Set is available for Pocket Paragons featuring characters from the popular Metroidvania-style action-platformer by Matt Bitner, A Robot Named Fight!

About this Duel Set

  • This Duel Set features Fight!, our robot protagonist, and Tutorial Smith our guiding friend with a lot of secrets. 
  • Fight uses a special ‘Orb’ mechanic to gain new abilities as the game progresses. Collect your Orbs to greatly increase the power of your weapons and counters!
  • Tutorial Smith is all about energy control. Run your enemy out of options to buy time for your insanely powerful ultimate ability!
  • Each time you die in the video game, you are technically playing as a new Robot Named Fight. Oh dear, the body count! In like in the game, each copy of this Duel Set features a uniquely numbered Fight! 

This is Duel Set will be available in two places.
1.) It will be included in the Deluxe Physical version of A Robot Named Fight! along with various other awesome ARNF goodies.
2.) It is available on the Solis Game Studio Webstore!

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