What is Space Lion?

There are alien armies on all fronts! Space Lion is a game about bluffing and unit placement on several battlefields shared by players. Play as one of five asymmetrical armies and destroy your enemy’s towers and then their base to win the game. Your left battlefield only involves your left-most players and the same is true for the right. However, the center battlefield features all players fighting at once! Can you take control of it and claim the lion’s share?

Flow of the Battle
In Space Lion, you assign one of your unit cards across 3 battlefields face-down. After all players have done so, all cards flip, and players will make strategic decisions on how to use their battle effects. The army with the highest strength in a lane wins that battle and damages the enemy! The game is over when all enemy bases are destroyed after losing too many battles. Be the last army standing to win the game! 

Asymmetrical Armies and Heroes Alter the Game
On top of the asymmetrical armies, each army also has 7 heroes called Lions. Choose a Lion to be your pride and joy and carry you to victory. Each Lion has the ability to dramatically change your playstyle. 

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