Foxy Strategies in Frenemy Pastry Party

This edition of Frenemy Pastry Party adds the Fox as an animal friend. The Fox has a big impact on the game in a clever way.

Fox’s effect is “If you have the least amount of cakes scored (ties do not count) you gain +3 points.” Since the Fox wants the least amount of cakes, they want to help all players bake a cake. Once all players have a cake, the fox will have an easy 3 points! It’s pretty powerful. Watch out though, some other sneaky animals might claim to be the Fox when really they are working towards their secret objective. It’s possible the fox isn’t even in the game! At lower player counts it’s possible to have all players bake 2 cakes. In this case, the fox wants to bake 1 cake because they will still have the least amount of cakes.  Frenemy Pastry Party is now available just in time for the holidays!

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