Beginning Solis Game Studio with Frenemy Pastry Party

In 2019, I was at the Essen Game Faire, one of the few chances we have to meet boardgame publishers from all over the world. While wandering the halls, I ran into John Brieger, who was extremely excited to show me a tiny game he’d found called Frenemy Pastry Party. He loves to pick out games that are great but he believes never make it Stateside. Later in the evening, a few of us gathered for drinks and my co-worker Jackie Florian was really excited to show off a game she’d found. That game — also Frenemy Pastry Party. Both of them found and liked the same indie title at this 200,000 person gaming convention? I’m shook.

We play the game and we all have a fantastic time. It was simple to play and the social dynamic of who to trade with (and when) shined for us. We already knew each other very well, and that really pushed the social dynamics of it. It wasn’t until a few months later when I find myself at the dawn of making Solis Game Studio when I asked myself what my first title under this brand should be.

I’m very excited to work with Mizo Games to bring this game stateside. Frenemy Pastry Party is the kind of title that reminds me of why I want to make games. Let’s gather with our closest friends and have a great time. Let’s express our friendships with each other in how we play. Also, cake.   

  – Chris Solis

Pastry Party Now Available